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Different Types of Breast Augmentation Implants

Many women have been thinking of getting a better breast shape by undergoing augmentation surgery. In this matter, it is important to do diligent research before moving forward with this life-changing procedure. As there are many different options for implants, making an informed decision determined by your preferences, forms, and goals is necessary. Also, choosing the right size can be one of the crucial matters for this procedure. That’s why learning about several options below can be beneficial to get the ideal size for your breast augmentation implant.

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Silicone Breast Implant

This type of implant is a safe breast lifting method that does not involve a precaution of dangerous risks. This silicone breast implant has been around for years and proven to be a successful procedure and used widely. If you want to opt for this option, get yourself an MRI observation scheduled to watch out a silent rupture and consult with your surgeon. Ensure to get complete guidance as it might lead to an adverse effect on possible leakage.

Saline Breast Implant

These implants have a great advantage as it gives different feelings when touching them. Some say it has a similar sense as a balloon filled with water when gently squeezing it. This saline breast implant fills up too much to give a natural sensation as it puts behind the pectoralis muscle. However, this breast augmentation implant might cause a rupture. The laceration is clear, and the body can mildly consume the saltwater from the implant.

Gummy Bear Implants

The gummy bear implant is the “newcomer” to advance implant improvement procedure. It is also probably one of the best options you can have. They have only been used for clinical testing purposes, but it shows great advantages on balance and cohesion as it has the consistency of a gummy bear. One of its best features is that the gelatinous substance would not go everywhere when there is a rupture.

Breast augmentation is probably not suitable for everyone. It does not have the rule of one size for all, making it a personal decision that has to be seen from different perspectives. If you are not sure to be able to appreciate the results or have more doubts and questions about the operation, it is better to consult with a certified cosmetic surgeon. However, please remember to do some research in advance to ensure you are knowledgeable. This way, you can be well-understood when talking about the procedure with the specialist.