Serious Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills You Don’t Know

 Birth Control Pills

Recent research has indicated that a lot of young people are more afraid of unwanted pregnancies than sexually transmitted diseases. They reckon that the burden of caring for a child who has not been planned for is much more difficult compared to dealing with STIs. This has led to a number of them engaging in unprotected sex and then taking contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. Unknown to many, there are serious health dangers of birth control pills. There are emotional and physical changes that occur whenever these pills are taken, and some of them are permanent. The changes take place as a way of responding to the synthetic estrogen introduced into the body.

Birth control side effects include

Higher risk of breast and cervical cancer

It has been shown that a large number of women who take birth control pills for long periods stand a higher risk of developing breast and cervical cancer. This is a very serious health concern more so when you consider the cost of treating cancer.

Increased risk of stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack

These contraceptives increase the risk of suffering from a stroke and a heart attack since they affect the level of cholesterol in the body. People who have high blood pressure should also stay away from birth control pills.


Some women who have been using such contraceptives for a long time find it extremely difficult to conceive. This is because they cause infertility especially in women who have never given birth before. The pills prevent the female body from making the hormones responsible for menstruation and ovulation, which effectively makes it impossible for a woman to conceive.

Yeast infection

Using these contraceptives repeatedly contributes to the destruction of beneficial bacteria in the human intestines. This then leads to an increased risk of yeast infection.


This is one of the common and serious health dangers of birth control pills. Women who constantly use these contraceptives experience migraines, which makes it difficult to focus or get through the day’s activities.

Other serious health dangers of birth control pillswoman

These include decreased density of bones, development of gall bladder disease, higher risk of blood clotting, benign liver tumors and increased risk of miscarriage.

As a result of the numerous serious health risks associated with such contraceptives, it is advisable to use alternative and safe birth control methods. More reasonable options include condoms, cervical cap as well as the diaphragm. One would also opt for natural methods like pulling out and keeping track of safe days.